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Hi, we are Willem and Marzena Wijnstekers - Jankowska (and Daisy)


We live in Messery, France,  some 30 km from Geneva and at walking distance from the lake.

I have been  involved in CITES for the last 31 years, for 20 years  in the European Commission and since 1999 as Secretary-General of the Convention.

I retired on 1 May 2010 and therefore have lots of time to help you solve CITES questions and issues.

The 9th edition of my book, The Evolution of CITES, was published by the CIC - International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation in May 2011. It can be opened in your web browser from the Home page of this website and subsequently saved.

You can also download it from the CIC website:  and order a hard copy from CIC Headquarters for 50 at www.cic-wildlife.org


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